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1 Scientific Paranormal Research Organisation
11 8
We seek to document apparent paranormal phenomenon through the application of historical research, scientific methodology and knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs in a professional manner.
2 Paranormal Anomaly Search Team
4 5
We are a team of Paranormal Investigators outside Chicago, Illinois. We offer investigations and we present out photo, EVP and video evidence we have collected. Please come visit us.
3 Haunted Athens Ohio
1 6
Haunted Athens Ohio features Haunted locations and urban legends from around the Athens, Ohio area.
4 Second City Paranormal Alliance
1 1
Team of investigators based in Chicago IL, we do not charge any fees for services rendered and exercise all client's right to privacy.
5 Ghost or Spiritual Spirit
1 2
Need your opinion. The pictures were taken 20 seconds apart. I blew up photo 2 to show of what I think is a spiritual sprit. That is the only way I know how to describe it. Please let me know what you