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Midwest Paranormal Society
Central Illinois based Paranormal Society founded in 1992.

Rank Site In Out
1 Anomalies - The Strange & Unexplained
1 3

Anomalies is a database of the paranormal and strange traced back to their earliest reports, so you can decide what happened and what didn't!
2 GooseBumps Paranormal Investigations
0 0
GooseBumps aim is to give you more than just a night out. Really "Feel" the experience. What better proof is there that spirit exsists than to feel it for yourself. All of our experiements are done
3 ParaResearch Forum
0 0

Paranormal discussion community.

No need to register. Everyone is able to discuss, debate, and study all aspects of the paranormal!

Over 7,000 views!
4 Haunted Tasmania
0 1

Join Team Strigoi as we investigate Tasmania,Australia's most haunted state.Team Strigoi investigate all manner of hauntings in a professional,respectfull and uniquely Australian way.
5 Community of Paranormal Seekers
0 0
Auch bei Spuk kann man die COPS rufen...

6 CPEAR - CT Paranormal Encounters And Research
0 0
CPEAR is a community srvice paranormal research group dedicated to helping people in need of assistance dealing with ghosts and hauntings.
7 Luzerne County Paranormal Investigators
0 0

Paranormal Investigations
8 Ottawa Valley Paranormal and Psychic Investigation
0 0

OVPPI was created out of our desire to investigate claims of paranormal phenomena in the Ottawa Valley Area. We offer the people a resource, in the region, for those needing help with hauntings, etc
9 Ghosts! Are they real?
0 0

A former skeptics view on the reality and existence of ghosts, what they are and if the pose any danger to the living
10 American Paranormal Investigations
0 0
API is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in Sacramento, CA dedicated to providing potential solutions to complicated situations.
11 Minooka Paranormal Society
0 0
A Paranormal Society based out of Scranton, Pa.
12 Reading Paranormal Society
0 0
RPS is a non-profit group continually seeking the truth on paranormal activity in the SE Pennsylvania area and beyond if need be.
13 the unexplained channel
0 0
Chat about anything to do with MH or the paranormal all new members welcome
14 Ghost Hunters Of Southside Tidewater
0 0
Ghost Hunters Of Southside Tidewater is a nonprofit scientific research and investigative group located in the Hamptonroads area of Virginia.

Our purpose is to scientifically research and investigat
15 PSI - Paranormal Study & Investigation
0 0
PSI formed as a non-profit paranormal investigation group based in Essex, England. We are a growing paranormal community with our own forums, social networking site, and toplist. We have paranormal TV
16 Voyage Into Paranormal Society (VIPS)
0 0
A Team of Paranormal Investigators and Researchers in the D/FW Area providing assistence,understanding and help for of those in need.Contact 24 Hour Hotline 972-704-5310
You are not alone We can Help
17 Palo Duro Area Paranormal Society
0 0
A paranormal investigating team that is willing to travel where ever help is needed.
18 The White Noise Forum and Saturday Night Paranorma
0 0
Ian Hickin and Bob Kelly Host Live Investigations, Live Lab Experiments, Live Chat, Multiple Screens, Special Guests, 4 to 8 Hours every Saturday Night. To View The Show and Load The Multi-Player go h
19 GCOPS (Greater Central Ohio Paranormal Society)
0 0
Paranormal Research
20 T.E.C.P.R.G
0 1
A group seeking the truth about the paranormal.
21 Ghost Hunters of Southwest Tennessee
0 0
Paranormal investigators using scientific methods to document paranormal activity in the Mid-South. 100% free and we don't do orbs!
22 PURE Paranormal
0 0
PURE is a paranormal investigation team based out of Colorado Springs, CO and is a group of individuals who is dedicated to finding the truth behind the paranormal and unknown.
23 Ghost Seen
0 0
"Trying To Find The Truth!"
24 Ghosthunter Nordrhein-Westfalen
0 0
Ghosthunter Nordrhein-Westfalen gehört zum Netzwerk Ghosthunter-United.
25 Institute of Metaphysics and Psychic Sciences
0 1
Celestial Visions School of Metaphysical Arts has been taken over by the Institute of Metaphysics and Psychic Sciences.long distant degree program in parapsychology and metaphysics.
26 Unexplained Mysteries + Ghosts
0 0
Ghost Videos, Photos and Paranormal Archive | Daily Dose of Unexplained Mysteries

0 0
Paranormal Top Site Listing
28 Hidden Mysteries uk
0 0
Hidden Mysteries Long Forgotten Past is an online book that has been founded out of a huge interest and passion for haunted locations around the United Kingdom., From historical ghostly stately manors
29 Thriller Nights Paranormal Investigation
0 0
South Wales based team of dedicated paranormal investigators & spiritual mediums.
Public Events, Private Investigations, Spirit Rescue & House Clearances our speciality.
30 Para4You
0 1
Grenzwissenschaft, Paranormal, Ghost, Ufos, Verschwörungstheorien, Haunebu, Quantenphysik u.v.m.
31 Crowley's Ridge Paranormal
0 0
Our mission is to document paranormal phenomenon across the country. We travel to locations with substantial claims of activity in an attempt to document undeniable evidence.
32 Paranormal Research - Ohio Valley Endeavor
0 0
Paranormal Research Team investigates hauntings in the Ohio Valley.
33 Canadian Society of Paranormal Investigation (C.S.
0 0
A Paranormal group based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Searching the truth behind the paranormal
34 www.beyondbeliefparanormal.co.uk/
0 1
Beyond Belief Paranormal has been set up to unite the interests of like-minded individuals. Using Specialist Equipment we will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Unknown. Based in the Heritage-wealthy Conwy County, we investigate the spiritual past o
35 Ohio Paranormal Research and Investigation
0 0
Ohio Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators.
36 Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society
0 0
H.A.P.S is a Paranormal Research team that's main goal is to help people validate and cope with Paranormal Activity in their home. We are a public service and do not charge for our services.
37 Memphis Ghost Hunters
0 0
We are the oldest and most experienced paranormal research group in Memphis. Our work has been featured on television and radio programs all over the world. We document film, video and audio forms of supernatural activity. Memphis has a rich past like no
38 Free Media Paranormal
0 1
English~ this is a German website,mit Poltergeist, Spukorte und Webcam's, Parapsychologie, Fakes und Mystery-unglaubliche Fähigkeiten und Geschenisse, etc.
sowie andere schöne Dinge.kommt und diskuti
39 Ghosthunter Baden Württemberg
0 0
Als Teil der Ghosthunter United Community hat sich das Taam in Baden Würtemberg etabliert. Wir helfen und untersuchen kostenlos.
40 Full Spectrum Ghost Hunters
0 0
ghost hunting site, also included in our site is a paranormal directory that list paranormal groups by state. work in progress..
41 GhostHuntersFans.net - The #1 Ghost Hunters Fansit
0 0
The #1 Ghost Hunters fansite on the net! Check out our Downloads, Encyclopedia, Episode Guide, and so much more!
42 Scare Society of the Greater cleveland Area
0 0
Ghost stories of the Greater Cleveland area
43 The World Of Unknown
0 1
A blog filled with true ghost stories, how to talk with the dead, and videos that make you question if there is an after life. Come check it out!
44 kevsters paranormal investigations team
0 0
this is a paranormal site, which im still building,but i am trying to get proof that there really is another side.
45 Werewolf/Mississippi Paranormal Investigations
0 0
Mississippi Paranormal Investigations
46 Paranormal Junction
0 0
Paranormal videos news and stories.
47 Paranormal and Supernatural Seekers
0 0
Paranormal and Supernatural seekers are a mature and dedicated group of paranormal enthusiasts serving NE Ohio and NW Pa.
48 California Association for Paranormal Research
0 0
The California Association for Paranormal Research (C.A.P.R.) is an organization dedicated to providing real answers and solutions for our clients. Though we do conduct and our investigations in a scientific and professional manner we also believe that kn
49 NEPA Paranormal Society
0 0
Were a small non profit paranormal group from Nicholson Pennsylvania,We want to help anyone who is having problems with the paranormal. Join our site its FREE :)
50 Maryland TriState Paranormal
0 0
MSTP goals are working and networking with other paranormal groups and associations in ensuring the latest up-to-date information.

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